Your Insane Fun and Festive Pet Christmas Cards Ideas

by October 27, 2021

365fury - Pet Christmas Card ideas

One of the most delightful Christmas traditions is sending your friends and family holiday cards. For many years, the idea of mailing out Christmas cards conjures up the image of long, drawn-out photoshoots (not to mention that your furkid sometimes does not cooperate with you) that might wear you out, we’re here to let you in on a little-known secret: It doesn’t have to be that way. There are ready-to-go ideas and customizable ideas for you to unleash your creativity. 365fury team will cover you from A to Z with our paw-some list of ideas of card designs and sweet messages for your Christmas card this year. 

1. Pet Christmas cards from dog breeds and cat breeds 

  • For Dog lovers

1. German Shepherd

German Shepherd Dog Christmas Card

Get a frosty feeling with the beautiful German Shepherd that you like. Despite the freezing background, the adorable dog swaddling the seasonal scaft will make the recipient feel heartwarming.

2. Rottweiler

Nothin' Butt A Rottweiler Christmas Greeting Cards

Send greetings from you to any Rottweiler fan and you will get a lot of laughs from them. The cards feature Rottweiler butts wearing antlers, a Santa hat, and a wreath, with the destruction of presents, candy canes and ornaments all around them.

3. American Bulldog

American Bulldog Christmas Cards

Send love from your furry family member this year with this American Bulldog Christmas Cards. with a cute card like this, all that is left to do is compose a meaningful message. These holiday Cards Size is 39 x 7 and is printed on 5" x 7" Recycled Paper.

4. English Bulldog

Christmas English Bulldogs Happy Holidays Card

This cute fella will woof out a holiday greeting to all of your loved ones this season. Not only do these cards look cute along with the present, but they can easily accent when hung on the card receiver's tree for years to come!

5. Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky Christmas Cards

If cute Husky and their little versions bring you happiness, you'll love this folk print card. All the cards measure 7 x 5 and were designed by Cindi Lynch, an award-winning and widely displayed artist, is known for her highly detailed work.

6. Pug

Avanti Press Pug Christmas Tree Box of 10 Funny / Humorous Dog Christmas

Love Pugs so much? Want to send a really memorable, heartfelt Christmas Card this year? We got the perfect one for you. This friendly, cute card features seven pug in tree posing would like to help you celebrate Christmas.

7. French Bulldog

Christmas Card French Bulldog

What better way to send warm wishes than with a little French Bulldog. The warm color background adds a whimsical, cozy effect to make a super-festive Christmas card.

8. Golden Retriever

Avanti Press Christmas Cards

Avanti Christmas cards feature 6 Golden Retriever in bright, vivid photographic imagery. With some heartfelt wishes coming along, this could be the smart greetings and traditional themes with a clever twist. The item dimensions for 10-counts are: LxWxH 6.5 x 9 x 1 inches

9. Labrador Retriever

Santa Stocking Black Lab Puppy Cartoon Holiday Card

Spread joy, share cheer, merry everything and a happy always! Bring a little of that warm weather fun into winter with this happy Lab Puppy stay comfy in the red stocking.

10. Pick-them-all options:

If you own many different dogs with different breeds or you are simply an animal lover, not just dogs only, we can accommodate that too. Check out some ideas featuring a variety of adorable animals and dogs.

Selfie Dog Christmas Christmas Card

Send a bright happy greeting from all these cutie furry buddies, everyone’s favorite spreader of holiday cheer. And since it’s a Tree-Free card, it's won't warm the planet. Let's make this year our most eco-friendly Christmas. It’s also come with a matching artful envelope made from 100% post-consumer recycled material.

Holiday Dog Selfie Christmas Card

Another version of Selfie Dog Christmas Card from Tree-free. Every dog face is ridiculously funny. Add a few funny wishes to create an interesting gift combo this year.

Bird Dog Christmas Christmas Card

If you have a dog lover friend who also has a soft spot for birds, then this one could be perfect. Send your friends and family a pop of color this holiday season. The recipient can totally use this to deck out the trees so don't forget to add some really good message!

  • For Cat lovers

1. Maine Coon

Maine Coon Cat Christmas Cards : 10 Holiday Cards with Red Envelopes

A little retro, a little cute, these Maine Coon Cat Christmas Cards are paw-fect if you are a fan. Each card will come with a red envelope, a simple but festive vibe for the holiday season.

2. Persian

Persian kitten Christmas Holiday Postcard

The modern Christmas card for all cat lovers, featuring a proud noble Persian cat next to glittering red tinsel. The picture is edited to achieve an exceptional image quality to highlight the finest details of your best friend.

3. Sphynx

Christmas Sphynx Cat Gift Women Sphynx Cat Gifts

Merry Sphynx-Mas! This funny, cute & festive Christmas Holiday Card is a great Xmas greeting card for a sphynx cat lover. Let the usual supercilious Sphynx become even more lovable during this very special time of the year.

4. Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold #1 Cat Merry Christmas Greeting Cards and Envelopes

Send a semi-retro, cute, holiday greeting with this cute cat. The picture will definitely melt any British Shorthair fans' hearts. The greeting card appears in size 5''x 7'' with a UV protectant coat outside for a semi-gloss finish.

5. Bengal

Bengal cat Christmas Holiday Card

The card feature a Brown spotted Bengal cat playing with the Christmas tree. What makes it remarkable is the colorful background combined with the cat playing by the window creates such a festive warm feeling. A photo with a true Christmas atmosphere along with a few lines of messages will make the recipient extremely touched.

6. Siamese


Whilst you’ve got the Siamese card idea in your mind, but in lack of time, what about these ready-to-go cutie angels? Your cat lover friends on the list will surely love it. The pack comes in the box of 8 Siamese Cat Christmas cards with red envelopes and Santa Hat seals. How cute!

7. Munchkin

Santa Munchkin 2 Greeting Card

Sometimes simplicity is the most effective. For cat lovers, of course, receiving a greetings card with a favorite cat Christmas-themed is the best. Note to mention, this lovely, innocent face of Santa Munchkin can melt the hearts of those who don't even like cats.

2. Personalized pet Christmas cards

If you don’t have time and running late for the gifting part or you are not handy enough to prepare DIY cards then here it’s your solution: Personalized Cards. Yes, once again, the internet saves us. Now check out the great selections that we’ve round-up for you. Most of these ideas work for both cat lovers and dog lovers. 

Happy Howlidays Holiday Card-Premium

Spread holiday cheer this Season and send customized wishes to your friends and family with this design. The best part is, of course, you can personalize it. From the shape to the photos and the family names, all can be changed as your preference.

Fun Holiday German Shepherds with Santa Hats

Hey, where are all the German Shepherd lovers? This is the perfect greeting card to get a smile on the recipient's face. Many details can be changed. From the wishes text to the photos or the card colors and so much more. Make your card be one-of-a-kind in an effortless way.

Nice-ish Naughty or Nice Funny Dog Christmas Card

Here's another custom card template for you. Personally, I find it cute enough, just add a little personalization like messages or quotes for example? But hey, it's your cards and Zazzle allows you to make a change of the picture, quotes and even the overlay to create the contrast between the text and the photo. Make the greeting messages extra special this year.

Joy Pawprint Photo Holiday Card

This customizable also come from But the red pattern is accented with lovely Joy Paw details. This template allows you to change the family name and the picture. Plus, it’s on sale so fetch it fast!

Pet Greetings Holiday Card

Give your friends and family a dose of holiday cheer with this personalized template that is even more detailed than all mentioned above. This also works for both dog lovers and cat lovers. Any details on the card can be changed. From the front quotes to paw print and the photo. A classic, all-around paper with a natural feel and a matte finish or glossy (again, at your choice).

Folded Greeting Card: I can’t wait til’ Christmas

Perfect for a clumsy person who wants to impress the recipient. It’s easy, requires zero crafting skills, and looks totally impressive. The card features a Bubba Kitty dressed in a red t-shirt, plaid cap and scarf. He is totally on the festive vibe but looks like he's missing someone just like you missing your friends and family when you custom this. You can customize the message: "I can't wait 'til Christmas!".

Celebrate the festive season!

Now we guess that you already made your Christmas shopping list or still wandering around the Internet for some seasonal gifting. Whichever the case is, don’t forget Christmas cards for the present. We’ve listed out all great ideas for both dog lovers and cat lovers. Just add to the cart your favorite one and take your time to compose some heartfelt messages. Then, when the time comes, expect a bright smile from the recipient.