20+Scary-Good Halloween costumes for pet and owner

by October 15, 2021

365fury Halloween blog post

Halloween lets everyone embrace their creativity. At one party, you can be a 90s rock legend ready to take the stage. The next night, you’re a figment of your own imagination, wearing Halloween costumes for pet and owner and trying to live a happy life with your lovely pet. There’s a freedom in costume choices that is as wide as the human fascination. But if you are a pet obsession and run out of time to prepare then we have you covered. 

We know all about pet love: they are your family. He or she has always been by your side whether ups and downs. And you’ve gotten even closer than ever after a long time all alone at home! You must have had many ideas to transform with your pet for this Halloween. In any case, these finds are scary-good. No tricks just treat everyone who loves animals. For those who are in a hurry and are not too fussy, we also have unique ideas just for you.

Before you fill up your online cart with craft supplies, makeup, wigs, and any other accessories for this event, take a look at our list for a better, smarter choice. With so many options to choose from, you might get confused. However, we’ve only chosen the best for you and even better, several gifts and events from us to make your party time most enjoyable. 

Check out our list and make your Halloween this year now!

For the two-legged human friend

You Can't Sit With Us Personalized Shirt

Classic, generous, boxy fit but in style and shout out your best trait: love pet. Sometimes basic things work the most. You don’t have to put on heavy, gaudy clothes to be outstanding. Just personalized this shirt and you already have a one-of-a-kind costume by yourself.

Buckle Up Buttercup Cat Halloween

Take your Buttercup ensemble to the next level with this fun T-shirt. Looks great when you wear it, or even when you hang at every corner for party decoration. Whether you are a cat mama or not, you’ll fall for this.

Couple And Dog Halloween Personalized Sweatshirt

Tricks or treats? Well, let’s pass the tricks and treat the dog and yourself with this cute Sweatshirt. Personalized it to make it one-of-a-kind now. It’s perfect as the last-minute costume for Halloween parties and you can wear it every day.

Fonder Mols Halloween Witch Gnome Decor

These soft-to-touch gnomes in pumpkin color are a special addition to any home, decor this Fall season. You would love to have any party theme. Plus, it could be an extra toy for your four-legged friends.

Happy Hallothanksmas Cat Personalized Shirt

Autumn is passing slowly but soon we will welcome winter in a blink of an eye. A variety of parties are waiting for you to join. But you always dress up nicely in our multi-event personalized t-shirt. You can wear it on only 2 but 3 occasions and it's still very impressive.

Women's Dalmatian Animal Plush One Piece Pajama

Tired of going all-out and dressing in fancy holiday outfits — which typically involve heels and a full face of makeup? You are sure to fall in love with this fascinating pajama! This one featuring your cute Dalmatian at home. The great lazy choice for a costume party or chill night in with your lovely paw friend.

Adult Women Scary Scarecrow Costume

For those of us who take parties really seriously, stop biting your nail and check this out. Scarecrow Costume will make you look scary hot. The package includes Hat, Dress, Collar w/ rope, Waist rope. Safety harvest now with the costume features everything you need to defend the crops!

Disguise Puppy Dog Pals Rolly Costume

For those little kids who are pup fans, this Halloween is a chance to disguise your favorite friend. Your kids can become one of the cutest pugs around and all without the struggle of a heavy costume. This adorable jumpsuit comes with a detachable tail and headpiece that will make it easy to go from playtime to nap time.

Full Body Puppy Inflatable Costume

You can't put this pup in the doghouse! This costume featuring a Deluxe Inflatable Pup will make all dog lovers go crazy. With an adorable bulging belly and wagging tail, in shiny yellowish color, and a big headpiece to complete. You would give others a hard time trying not to poke at it. Just add some dog touch to have a paw-tastic party time this Halloween.

4 Pieces Halloween Black Cat Costume Set

Classic cat costumes are cute and all but this year the lady wanna go with sexy and funky. It included a cat masquerade eye cover, a pair of long fishnet gloves, a choker necklace with bell and a piece of cat costume tail, offering rich accessories to turn you into a bombshell cat lady or a cute naive cat maid.

For the four-legged besties


4 Pack Autumn Dog Bandanas

If you want to take a more subtle costume approach, this set of bandanas is a pawfect choice! Instead of transforming your dog into a full-on Halloween theme, it puts the themes right under your dog’s chin!

Frisco Wizard Dog & Cat Costume

Just say the magic word: ala-cute-zam! And voila, your pet becomes a wizard! Ready to have compliments from everyone for your pup.

Dog Bandana & Matching Scrunchie Set

Here's an easy idea for a dog-owner costume: simple dress up with this cute and festive Fall season bandana. If your dog has long, shiny hair like sheepdogs or Irish Setter then just add a splash with the matching scrunchies.

Funny Spider Chest Back Costume

Spiders are some of the scariest insects around. But when you put your dog in a spider costume, it’s equal parts cute and scary. This creepy-crawly option comes in sizes that fit cats, kittens and small dogs with lots of flexibility and room for stretching the scariness.

Funny Pumpkin Outfit for Cat & Dog

Wish your dogs a happy Howl-oween by dressing them up in one of these super cute pet Halloween costumes! Classic but never out of style and fun.

Bat Wing Costume for Pet

Something black and spooky is all your canine companion needs to get in the Halloween spirit. This Black Bat WIng features the batty & totally adorable and meets all two conditions. Your pet will still be comfy while he gives people a big laugh.

Realistic & Funny Lion Mane for Dogs

Your dogs are cute but they can be ferocious sometimes. Help your paw friend show more of his personality this time but in a fun way. Buy this and expect to see the real Simba in the real-life version.

LED Dog Collar USB Rechargeable Glowing Dog Collar

Not every day to find something both functional and fashionable at the same time. This collar is perfect to make your pet stand out at parties. Yet, it also helps your pup be seen in the dark well, avoiding unexpected dangers during night walking or from vehicles.

Funny Frightened Cat Pet Costume

We're not sure which we love more: the cute little black cat, or pumpkin themed stripe sweater. Luckily, we don't have to choose.

Halloween Dog Squeaky Chew Toys

Too busy with the parties. But don't leave your pet lonely. Here is a good option to keep them busy gnawing away with dog-friendly materials. It's cute, right on the theme and squeaky, chewable for your dog.

Just a few more words:

We don’t want to push you too early or anything, but once September is almost over and those leaves start falling there is literally only one or two things on your mind: Halloween and it’s party time. We can’t wait to do all the spooky things with our furry friends. Hope our idea would spark the light and make you enjoy your Halloween time like a real pet parent should be.

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