5 great dog Kennels – Ways to make them yourself

by November 1, 2021

dog kennels

As a dog owner, keeping your dog safe and secure is a top priority whenever you are looking to confine or travel with your pet. There are several options available, such as dog kennels, doggy gates, and fencing. Many pet owners are against the idea of using kennels as their dog’s life would be imprisoned. However, dogs are den animals and they need a small and private space as their room. If you are tired of correcting inappropriate dog chewing, or you want to control your dog’s gnawing problems, a dog kennel is a great option. Dog kennels help you contain your pets while providing them a sense of comfort and security.

A kennel is a shelter where your dogs are kept. Kennels include everything from a training crate, a portable cage used to transport dogs to any property that roofs dogs. Kennels are designed as a safe and secure place that a dog can go into for short periods.


Importance of dog kennels

A dog kennel is especially a useful tool for those who do not have a fenced yard or garden. As long as you pick the right type and size, dog kennels will provide your pet with enough room to comfortably play, take rest, and sleep. You can also design an ideal and cozy space for your four-legged companion by throwing in a few toys, towels, or sweatshirts.

A kennel enables you to keep your dog in a safe place and provide a pleasant room for them to stand up and turn around. Some essentials such as food, water, and toys are easily stored inside the kennel. You can use leashes to stop them from eating non-edibles or getting lost. But it is impossible to keep your pet on a leash all day. Dogs easily get bored when being confined for a long time. And to seek comfort, they often scratch and dig the floor before snuggling down. Using leashes is not enough to protect your furry friend from any kind of harm. In addition, kennels are usually designed with a roof to protect your pets from rain or heat. It is also important to build a well-ventilated shelter to provide enough light and air.


If you have just adopted a new puppy, you might want to train him step-by-step to become a well-behaved pet. In that case, you need an enclosure to avoid him running wild or destroying your home while you are away. Dogs will get aggressive or frightened when seeing strangers, so keeping your dog in a kennel makes training and raising easier. Don’t ever use force to get the dog to go inside the cage.

Among a variety of ways to enclose your pet, building a kennel is not only secure but also affordable. Compared with costly yard and garden fencing, a dog kennel is much cheaper and easier to install, no matter what the construction material is. 

Using portable kennels is also a perfect solution if you want to travel with your pet. It is easy to put a small kennel in the back of your car or attach it to a motorcycle so that dogs cannot jump over or cause damage to the vehicle. Plastic kennels, which provide even more privacy and protection, are required for air travel.

importance of dog kennels

Types of dog kennels

Depending on different purposes and your pet’s needs, there are several options of kennels for you to take into consideration. In terms of material, the kennel can be made of plastic, wire, or fabric. Make sure to choose the proper one: a wire kennel is usually used to confine larger dogs, a fabric kennel is suitable for smaller dogs and is ideal for temporary transport, while a plastic kennel is needed in air travel.


Dog kennels outdoor

Sometimes you need to leave your dogs out in the garden to let them play and enjoy the sunshine. However, using fences or leashes does not provide enough safety and security. In that case, an outdoor dog kennel is an ideal alternative. Outdoor kennels should include essential features such as a roof and siding to protect your furry friends from outside elements. Some dog cages are built with insulation to keep your pets warm during cold weather. Insulated boxes are often lined with a glass board for easy cleaning and maintenance. Not only do outdoor kennels provide a comfortable space for your dogs but they also keep your backyard safe from damage.

Dog kennels outdoor

You can use an outdoor kennel as a permanent housing solution, or as a place for outdoor relaxing and shelter. Some large kennels come with sleeping rooms and areas to store food, water, toys, and other essentials. Outdoor kennels must be made of durable and high-quality materials such as metal and wood. There are several sizes and types of outdoor kennels available so that dog owners can pick the proper one.

Remember to put the kennel in the right place. For example, to avoid your dog from digging out in the back of the cage put it up against a stable structure.


Dog kennels outdoor

While outdoor dog houses are quite large, indoor kennels should only be a little bigger than the pet’s size. If you are living with your pets in an apartment building with no yard or garden, an indoor kennel is a wise choice to provide them with a sense of security and privacy. You can also prevent dogs from destroying your home, or getting into trouble when you are at work. Indoor dog kennels are especially suitable for new puppies, dogs with destructive behaviors, or separation anxiety.

Dog kennels indoor

Indoor kennels are usually made of metal and plastic, and come in a variety of designs. It is easy to clean and decorate indoor crates because they do not require much maintenance. You can put the kennel almost anywhere in your home, as long as it provides enough light and ventilation.


Portable kennels

Portable kennels are used for temporary purposes, and cannot be used as a long-term housing space. You can use a portable dog pen to protect and confine your pet while taking him on holiday with you. Some portable kennels come with attached parts which are designed for easy folding down and setting up. Some include metal panels that can be fixed together. Portable crates are designed with excellent ventilation and visibility and must be durable enough for long transport.

Cleaning a portable dog kennel is easy because it is usually made up of metal sheets that can be wiped. Portable kennels come in various sizes to shelter dogs of different ages and shapes. However, they rarely include a roof, so make sure to keep your dog in the most comfortable position all the time.

Portable dog kennels



Plastic dog kennels

Plastic kennels are among the most popular choices as they are easy to clean. Plastic crates require less maintenance in comparison to other types of kennels as they do not retain any uncomfortable smells. The only problem is that their color will faint from exposure to rainwater or sunlight. Plastic kennels are usually made of sturdy and durable materials. Features include ventilated side panels and a leak-proof bottom. They are required in airline travel. Plastic kennels do not retain heat well, so they cannot keep your dog cool on summer days and warm during winter days. Be sure to put the cage in the appropriate place.

Plastic dog kennels


Wooden dog kennels

Wooden dog kennels are perfect for style-conscious pet owners. They will look great next to any type of home and decoration. So if you are finding an attractive addition to your backyard and garden, consider picking a wooden kennel. They come in various designs so that dog owners can easily choose the most aesthetically suitable one.

A wooden kennel can protect your dog from the heat and cold as it regulates temperature well and provides good insulation. Unlike plastic dog crates, wooden kennels tend to retain unpleasant smells unless properly cleaned. It also takes more time and effort to wash a wooden kennel. Moreover, wooden materials easily degrade with time so they require adequate and timely maintenance.

Wooden dog kennels



Build your DIY dog kennel

Instead of buying a designed dog kennel, you can easily build and customize a DIY one to fit your needs and the needs of your furry friend.

Watch this video: D.I.Y Dog Kennel. By following some simple steps, you can provide your dog with a cozy space to shelter.

  • Prepare essential tools and materials
  • Make the door frame and frames for other sides
  • Make a flooring
  • Layout the frames, nail them together, and to the base
  • Install some stops for the weatherboard
  • Make a roof

Final thoughts

Dog kennels are created to provide your dogs with a sense of security. Also, don’t forget to choose the most suitable and comfortable one. Your pet’s kennel should have enough space for him to stand up, turn around and lie down. You will benefit tremendously in dog training and raising as long as you pick the right kennel. Make it a more ideal space by laying towels with your scent and throwing in some toys, so that your friend will always be happy and occupied in his castle.