Best seller 10+ Christmas personalized pet pillows for owner

by September 24, 2021

Since forever, a throw pillow, or toss pillow, is a small, decorative soft furnishing item for interior design and comes in many shapes and sizes. But for pet lovers, this is also a unique way to show their love to their four-legged friends. So, how about Christmas personalized pet pillows for owners that shines with love?

Best seller 10+ Christmas personalized pet pillows for owner

Especially, when the Christmas season is coming just around the corner and you want to refresh your home with new holiday decorations. Besides other decorations pieces such as wreaths, trees, throw pillow is also a splendid idea. Imagine sleepover parties with pillow fights with good laughs or peaceful moments with the people you love. You hug your favorite pillow and sip tea sharing stories from the past year. Just thinking about it makes you feel both peaceful and excited, right? Now bring it to the next level with a personalized pet pillow. After that, let share each of those great moments with your greatest friend.  In this article, I will share the basic information and fun little tips to create a pillow for you and your furry friend

Ideas for your one-of-a-kind Christmas personalized pet pillows for owners

Ok, ok, I have listed too many of its advantages but now I will highlight why it is great for your Christmas. This holiday takes place in winter so it should be very cold, on the contrary, the atmosphere it brings is very warm. But this atmosphere will not appear spontaneously. The cozy vibe, in addition to coming from shared moments with family, also comes from decorating the house. This pet pillow not only warm up the interior space of the house but also makes you feel the warmth from your heart – a connection with your pet friend. Now, you might agree that it is great but not know how to style it and make it one-of-a-kind? No worries, we have your back, and here are some ideas highly recommended for you:


Spoiled Dogs Personalized Throw Pillow

The first option is our favorite, of course. Although not specifically about the Christmas season, the lovely motifs and the pet next to them can also become cute accents for your furniture. Moreover, the color of the pillow can be changed to match the decoration tone in your home.

Pet Shape Custom Pillow

Besides finding lovely templates or images with photos of your pet friend, the pillow in the real shape of that friend could be a good idea. You just need to upload a picture of the animal's full body and the system will crop the image accordingly. Now you can have a real size pet pillow to hug.

Cat Welcome To Our Home Personalized Throw Pillow

If you like more femininity and sweetness, you can consider this template. The red plaid will give the furniture a vibrant and Christmas feel. Besides, don't forget to customize breeds and names to match your furry kids the most.

Smilyard Christmas Cat Throw Pillow

For folk who have Christmas and also love your pet so much then this is for you. This is a cat-inspired pillow but I’m sure no matter what pet you put on it. It is sure to impress with strong emotions and personalization. And while it may take a little longer with the portrait, it's still a great decór piece for this year's Christmas season.

I Like To Stay In Bed With My Cat Personalized Throw Pillow

Glamourous as you are, this Personalized Cat Gift Personalized with your Cat Picture and Name is the best option. Plus, this is a 2-in-1 product for you. Want glamorous? Then let the sequin shine. Vice versa, want cuteness then leave it as your cat's picture.

Sleeping Cat And Dog Personalized Pillow

Love both dogs and cats? So this template will not disappoint you. The background color can be changed as well as the breeds and the text. The double trouble template is very very endearing. Wow, it shows enough of the human servant spirit that every pet owner's human has.

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The best choice for a cozy Christmas: Christmas pet pillow

As I mentioned above, the throw pillow is great but the pet pillow is the best. You know what they say about this festive time of the year, it’s family time. Though they drive us crazy, nothing will ever make you feel safe and supported like them. And of course, your pet is one of the most important members. Having one or more pet pillows in your home will allow you to show off your affection toward your beloved mutt or feline friend. Moreover, it’s also great to share memories with them. 

Another reason to get a pillow featuring your pet: It reminds you of your dear cuddle buddy – no matter where you are. This is the perfect chance to give a memorable gift to yourself, your pet, or your loved one! We all know there will be times when we have to say goodbye to our four-legged friends. However, no matter how mentally prepared, we are never ready to face it. The furry friend went to a better place but leaves many memories behind and makes us reminiscing them. After all, losing a pawed friend means you losing someone to hug. This memorial pet pillow may recall the soft and warm feeling of having them in your embrace.

Highlighted Product Details We Want to Tell You

Choose from a variety of our templates to make your pet pillow. You can choose to use your dog’s photograph or more conveniently our stock images to personalize it. Next, select a layout that represents your memorial place then add names, text, and clip art. Depending on the template you choose, there will be different options. So let’s express ourselves with our unique template and design tools.

This pet pillow can come in a range of sizes so you can pick the one best suited to your beds, couches, or anywhere in the house. Whenever it is placed, I bet it will make the interior space vibrant. Here are some other reasons why you should own a personalized pet pillow for this Christmas time:

  • Squeezable: why need an expensive stress-relief toy while you can own this cute thing featuring your adored pet. I am sure only look at how cute your pet is, your stress will get away. Let alone you can hug it and have the best sneezing time.             
  • The quality: Ultra-soft and made from 100% polyester microfiber. The shell sports a clean white finish and is a perfect addition for decoration on beds, couches, etc. You can also travel with it, a perfect handy piece on airplanes, boats, RV, or car travel. What’s more? It’s hypoallergenic for sensitive sleepers, so we are proud our products can satisfy the most demanding customers. 
  • Always in style: let’s be honest, trends come and go but this pillow can last forever (of course only if you take good care of it) and in some cases pass down for the next generations. This is not only for decoration but also serving as a sentimental piece. Something appears for the deep connection with your lovable furry friend. 
  • Easy care: we know you’re not a dedicated house worker and we want it long last with you and your pet so the chosen material is colorfast for safe washing; suitable for machine wash and tumble dry.
  • An ideal gift: Christmas is a season of sharing and a season of love, you might struggle to think of a special gift. Well, l not anymore. This customized pet pillow can be a not nice but paw-perfect gift for pet owners, pet lovers, or just simply a unique cutie gift for friends and family.  A stylish and exceptional piece of decoration for a housewarming party. A romantic option for a wedding or engaging present. Make a list of as many events as you think that need to bring a gift and it will suit almost all the list.

Where to shop?

Already know the reason to buy a pet throw pillow, reference models are already listed, so where can I buy them? Our first choice is 365fury. 365 fury’s style is lean toward the fun and vibrant style, as natural as how you spend time with your pet friend. So why us?

Well, we have:

  • A wide range of products, various sizes, and multi-colors with unique features with 2000+ self-custom designs to allow that strong personal love connection to your fur-babies. 
  • 200+ Fur-babies with a full breeds list including puppies to felines and adult mature pets.
  • 2000+ gift choices suit every occasion whether it is Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, 4th July, Halloween, Christmas, a birthday bash, or any other event.
  • The divided section according to the needs and intents of customers, helping you have a good experience on our website platform
  • Many HOT DEALS for new members, loyal members, and gratitude gifts on special occasions such as birthdays, major holidays all year round.

Check out our personalized throw pillow collection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops! 

Another suggestion for you to shop, which is probably too familiar to you, yes the one and only Amazon. Simply type in the keyword: “personalized pet pillow” and add “Christmas” if you want to filter for a symbol of this holiday. But usually, I find that just the keyword “personal pet pillow” is enough to have the right template for you. The great thing about Amazon, you must already know. However, the templates are so diverse and sometimes too much to dilute. From that the quality control can be a problem, you folk should invest more time to get the best pillow for your home.

Last but not least, if you’re a fan of the print-on-demand industry or love customized products, you’ve probably heard the name: Etsy. This is also an online store that often sells customized products and is very diverse in designs and customers’ needs. Personally, this is one of my favorite online shopping websites. The plus point of this site is that you will have a lot of designs but restrict only to the print-on-demand field and not be distracted by unrelated products. Similar to Amazon, the cons also come from that. Rather than focus on a single topic, it is diverse but not the user’s intent-oriented, so the search filter can sometimes confuse you.

Above are my favorite online shops, where I’m sure you can find your ideal personalized pet pillow without much effort. If you have time, try to experience all three websites to make the best choice for you and your pet friend.

Final thoughts

Thank you for reading all the words above. I know it’s long but I hope it helps you too. These pillows make for an excellent gift and even for yourself! Something to bring a big smile on everyone’s faces over the holidays. What makes it unmistakable with other gifts is that it is personalized individually. It’s a statement piece of yourself in your shelter where you can freely express yourself.

A throw pillow is not that necessary, but it is indispensable if you want to add coziness and comfort to your home this Christmas. Yet, a personalized pillow featuring your best paw friend is no longer new, but there is still space for you to have the perfect piece